do you ever wonder if people could watch your life on tv who they’d ship you with


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Music piracy in the ’60s

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I am not skinny. I am not tall. I am not model material. My belly folds in on itself and my breasts aren’t always perky. I cannot wear a size 2. Or even a 6. My skin breaks and bleeds. And my mind is a constant thunderstorm.


The longer I have walked this world, the more I have learned I am more than my flaws. I am funny. I am kind. I am a songbird. I love to love others. I look damn good in a sundress, or nothing at all. There is always sunshine after my storms.

My birthday is this Sunday and I think that my 22nd year of life has been one of my most important. I have learned so much. Loved so many people. And more importantly, I have learned to love myself. I am coming into my 23rd birthday as the strongest version of myself I have ever seen. And I cannot wait to see what is ahead of me.

I hope this isn’t too late. I have been so busy and tired, it’s been hard to keep up with themes and photos. But I wanted to at least try to get something in to you. I miss you, dear. I hope you’re well.


Hello friend. If i could make a suggestion - take this photo, print it, add your caption and frame it. Put it some place in your house. You don’t have to look at it everyday, but some place you’ll see it every now and then. It is a gorgeous powerful image with a declaration of self that i wish people could resonate with more regularly. You’ve got so much ahead of you….

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I’ve fallen in love.

Jane Ariel and Meg tho

Kida tho


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When I was a kid I would be like “ew boys” and my mom would say “darling, some day you’ll like boys” but congratulations mom I’m a lesbian so ew boys

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